Financial Services Exams

This site is being developed to support study for mortgage exams issued by the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

It assumes that users have registered with the institute and received the study material relevant to their course. The examination year runs from September to August with new material being added during the last 2 weeks in August towards exams being held in the following month.

Use is currently without cost although you need to apply to Phil Dockerill for individual registration which will be limited to approximately 60 days a time.

The material is strictly for personal use and subject to copyright. Anyone who is found to have passed on the material to a third party will be subject to legal action. However, anyone wanting the material fro themselves need only apply as above.

    Available courses

    This course covers CeMAP 1 unit one. It is split into the same 16 topics in the text you should have received from the London Institute of banking and Finance.

    Blurb about CeMAP 1 unit 2